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Why Using A Local Self-Storage Unit For Your Holiday Decorations Is WORTH The Annual Investment

July 12, 2019

It’s that time of the year again - the height of summer; the children are on vacation from their educational studies, and you’re having trouble finding room to store your one-of-a kind Fourth of July decorations, let alone prepare for the next holiday and school again in August!


We’ve all been there at one time or another; whether it’s scrambling to find those Easter decorations, Star of David ornaments and Menorah candles, or those Christmas lights and ornaments that really bring a bedazzling Winter Wonderland into your home each year or even those “almost-too-realistic” Halloween decorations that absolutely petrify the neighborhood tricksters and treaters each year. Granted each holiday that the average American family decorates their home for each year varies in length of the “holiday”, the participation/adherence of the celebration, and just how zealous each homeowner is, however, the common issues, inconveniences, or downsides that typically revolve around say, Christmas, Halloween, or the Fourth of July are much the same. 

Hence the first installment of our “Holiday Decorations & Self-Storage Advice” blog series.  We greatly value diversity here at Cochrane Road Self Storage, so whatever holiday you celebrate, make the most of properly storing your holiday keepsakes and decorations so they are protected and easy to find when you’re ready to celebrate!

Below is a brief overview of the common/popular holidays that most Americans celebrate and what sort of decorations and timeframes are often associated with each of them. It’s largely understood that each person’s storage and organizational needs are generally client/person-specific, however, this storage blog will definitely help when deciding what size storage unit is best suited for your own personal storage needs during the holidays each year and how to best plan your visits to the local storage unit/storage facility at the turn of each “season”.

What Each Holiday Entails And How It All Affects Not Only Your Storage Responsibilities But Your Actual Celebration Of The Holidays


Storage Needs Before Each Holiday/Festival/Celebration


Storage Needs During Each Holiday/Festival/Celebration


Storage Needs After Each Holiday/Festival/Celebration


Consistent & Concise Organization throughout


What’s The Same

Taking into account that each holiday or day of celebration is an annual occurrence and is due to repeat its yearly course without fail decade after decade, the need and necessity for storing your holiday decorations, adornments, and accouterments can be compared to a revolving door or continuous cycle. As such, specializing or personalizing your own “Storage Cycle” for storing your holiday decorations at a local storage unit or storage facility can make the entire holiday celebration process (the storing and [re]storing of your particulars included!) actually focused on the holiday itself. This being as opposed to spending a majority of the time rearranging the garage, repacking boxes, taking down lights, and consolidating your decorations.

Be Sure To Continue Reading next week!

“Why,” say you?  Next Week’s Installment/Blog Will Include What Is Different (Storage-Wise & Celebration-Wise) about each holiday and why storing your decorations via Self-Storage Is strongly encouraged!

That’s Why!

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