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Take Back Your Garage!

August 23, 2019


Our garage tends to be the first place that all of our “excess”, “I’ll use it eventually” and seasonal items end up. It starts out as just a few things here and there, and out of nowhere...CATASTROPHE!  There’s no room for your car(s).


This leaves you going through absolutely everything in your garage and deciding on one of three choices:


  • You contribute to a local drive or donation center. (I’m sure someone may want those old skis you only use once or twice a year)


  • You plan, buy all the materials for signs and sit outside in the heat all weekend and try to sell some of it off with a garage sale. (Meanwhile your neighbors are grilling and hanging out by the pool having a great time with family)


  • You still want and have a use for your belongings and attempt to cram it away in the deep recesses of your garage where you’ll find it years down the road, covered in dust, and no longer of any use to you because you have since then replaced it with a newer model. (GUILTY)


There’s a Better Way!


There is no longer a need to part with your beloved belongings that hold both monetary and sentimental value. Sure, you only use those skis once a year when your family goes on their annual snow trip, but you look forward to flying down the slopes with your goofy Uncle Dan and have the time of your life on every trip! And speaking of family, those old pieces of baby furniture, boxes of infant clothing, and little person rocking chairs are heirlooms you can pass on to your kids when they have children of their own for you to spoil rotten! It's also nice to have those things to look back and reminisce on. Save yourself the stress, heartbreak and not to mention the countless hours you're going to spend on organizing and decision making by getting a storage unit!


It's like your garage away from your garage


  • Visit your unit whenever is most convenient for you!
  • Save valuable space for household items that you need regular access to
  • Reduce fire hazard in your home by ridding yourself of clutter
  • Allow yourself more possibilities for organization
  • Enjoy the privacy of your own personal unit


What can I put in my storage unit?


There are multiple items that may be lying around your garage, taking up valuable space and even keeping you from utilizing your garage as a space to store your vehicle! Take back your garage by storing these items in a personal storage unit:


Seasonal Items/Gear:

  • Holiday Decorations
  • Kayaks or canoes
  • Sleds
  • Snow jackets, hats, and gloves
  • Tents and sleeping bags


Excess items:

  • Extra tools or tools not regularly used
  • Backstock/”Prepping” items
  • Furniture that is not in use (e.i. Pool tables, old dressers, baby gear, etc.)
  • Old workout equipment you don't use like treadmills and ellipticals

Not Sure what size you need?  No problem!  Use our Storage Calculator to help determine the perfect size unit for all your stuff.


Don't get rid of your cherished belongings!


Keep what you spent your hard-earned money on and invest in a security guarded and easily accessible storage unit at an affordable rate!

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