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Summer Storing Tips For College Students

April 19, 2019

Storing Advice From The Storage Experts

As this year’s semester is drawing to a close, college students, faculty, and family alike are all planning this summer’s events and adventures. Whether it’s opting to travel back East to visit family and take advantage of the fair weather or if this summer’s festivities are more focused locally here in California, there is one common trait that is always present; regardless of vacation destinations or travel plans: what to do with your stuff!

Benefits of Storing Your Dorm for the Summer

Packing and storing your dorm is often more cost effective; for students that live out of state, it’s usually less expensive to store the contents of your dorm over the summer than to pack and ship or make a cross country trek with your items. Most dorms fit in 5x5 or 5x10 units.

Convenience – whether you live far away or nearby, moving everything home for the summer and finding a place to store everything can be an undertaking, especially if you have furniture to move as well.  There are also many benefits to storing year-round as outlined below.

Don’t let your winter clothes become summer’s woes!

Considering most college students have very limited storage space in their living quarters, it’s a foregone conclusion that their wardrobe will be adversely affected as well. Whether their quarters are in a dormitory or student housing, consolidating and organizing their pants, shirts, coats, jackets, footwear, and outerwear has become something a learning course in and of itself!


Seasonal or Semesterly Swapping Is Essential For College Students

A very effective way that many college students and faculty alike are maximizing their allotted, and often rather limited, storage space is by storing their “extras” in their very own storage unit at our spacious storage facility. Embracing the fact that each college student is uniquely different and their storage requirements are as diverse as they are, we are proud to offer a varied selection of storage units to accommodate most storage needs.

On the other hand, most college students do have very similar belongings or items that can and should be stored, if for no other reason than to provide added space, security, and convenience. Having a centrally located storage facility like Cochrane Road Self Storage at your disposal, you gain the added benefit of flexible office hours if you need to speak with staff or management as well as extended gate service hours for added storing convenience.

Here are some common items and possessions that college students in Morgan Hill, California typically store at our storage facility:

• Books • Furniture/bedding         

• Project Materials      • Workout Equipment

• Winter Clothes         • Bicycle(s)

• Summer Clothes      • Miscellaneous


If you are unsure if some of your belongings are advisable or allowed to be stored at Cochrane Road Self Storage, you can always call ahead of time to schedule a tour of our storage units & facility, and our storage facility manager will be able to provide detailed guidelines regarding storage policies.


Eager to begin your summer, visit the beach with family and friends, or just get out of the city for a spell but the task of visiting your storage unit to exchange your winter essentials for summer is proving too daunting to the point of avoidance?


We know your plight and offer a refreshingly helpful way to expedite the entire “semesterly storing process” and get your summer started the proper way! It all begins and decidedly ends with the planning phase.


Prudent Student Planning

Prioritizing what items or keepsakes you are wanting to bring to the storage unit and store is equally as important as what desirables you are wanting to bring out for the summer months. By itemizing your belongings and organizing them accordingly, you are able to visualize how and what to swap before you even visit your storage unit at our storage facility. Additionally, if you stock your clothes, equipment, or other valuables by order of importance or usage-frequency, it makes it tremendously easier each time you visit the storage facility to swap the items in your storage unit in the future!


Lease Status & Renewal

At the turn of each semester, it’s every college student or leaseholder’s best interest to revisit the leasing agreement and renew if necessary. This not only gives you an opportunity to visit your storage unit at our facility but you can also explore possible unit upgrade options if your semesterly accumulation exceeds your current storage capacity!


In With The New & Enfold The Old

Parting with those favorite winter outfits or snowboarding equipment is a very tough, but often inevitable, necessity when you’re deciding what to keep in your dorm room or student housing, and what needs to be ultimately switched out. Luckily, the opportunity to wear those comfy summer clothes and load up the camping gear makes the storing and repacking hassles worthwhile.


If you would like additional assistance with packing and planning options to maximize each visit to your storage unit, we strongly encourage you to peruse our veritable treasure trove of storage tips, tricks, and “storage hacks”!


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