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August 9, 2019

School is back in session and that means fall is right around the corner.  Before you know it, you’ll be pulling out those Halloween decorations and getting your little Ghouls ready for a Spooktacular holiday!


Halloween is a particularly fun holiday to decorate for and there are usually lots of pieces and parts with all the skeletons and such in your closet.  Organization is the key to avoiding the psychiatric ward, so with a little pre-planning and sorting, storing your haunting décor will be a breeze. And since packing up your Halloween decorations and pulling out the next holiday décor is a recurring event annually, now is the perfect time to get organized and properly pack for easy retrieval.


Opt for plastic, not cardboard

When it comes to items that you will routinely pack and unpack, such as decorations, opting for plastic instead of cardboard not only better protects your devilish delights, it also retains it’s shape making it a better option for long term storage.  You can select clear plastic, or choose holiday colors for easy distinction in your storage unit, such as black and orange for Halloween, green and red for Christmas, pastels for Easter etc.  While this may seem a little ‘OCD’ or ‘Type A personality’ for you, we promise you won’t regret the decision when it’s time to retrieve your decorations. During each holiday season, you can usually buy bins that match the dominant holiday color. 


Sorting is the Key

While it may be tempting to sort by item, meaning all the pumpkins in one bin, skeletons in another and so forth, it may make more sense to sort, pack, and store according to the room or area you use them in.  For example, place all of the front yard decorations together in one or two bins (or more for over achievers!). Then place all your dining room décor in one or two boxes, etc. This way when it’s time to pull them back out you can haul them directly to the area you will be decorating instead of running back and forth from box to box looking for a particular item.  This also helps make sure that all parts are properly stored together and don’t get separated.


Clean before re-packing

Nothing is more aggravating than pulling out your decorations only to find stains or dirt that you didn’t notice when putting them away.  This is also costly, as buying decorations before the current holiday is always more expensive than after a holiday.  And who can stick to the plan and just purchase a new gravestone to replace the old one when there’s an adorable shrunken head on display next to it?


Out with the Old

When it’s time to pack up, if you discover decorations that you left behind and didn’t display, now is a good time to part ways and donate them, which also gives you more room to store your newly acquired shrunken head and gravestone.  It also gives you the opportunity to make more room for other items as well. Using a storage calculator can also help you determine the perfect size unit for keeping your decorations neat, clean and well organized.


Keeping your sanity over the holidays is the best way to enjoy them.  This is true for decorating as well. By taking the time to properly pack and store your items, you’ll spend more time enjoying them and less time trying to find them.

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