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Storing Your Holiday Decorations Is WORTH The Annual Investment Part 2

July 26, 2019

Welcome back!  On the last installment, we discussed storing needs and what’s the same, or similar, with regards to the holidays and storage needs.  Today we’re taking a look at what’s different about these holidays and how that can impact storage needs.

What’s Different

Christmas - Celebrated worldwide for a variety of reasons by many peoples; often in inspiration of faith, religious, and spiritual reasons. Also, Christmas, or the Christmas “season” is usually one of the lengthier holidays (in some celebratory circles, as long as twelve full days!) and it is only equaled/matched in part by Halloween.

What is typically considered “storable” or to put it succinctly, what items, in particular, are usually stored, unpacked, and re-stored each Christmas?

Decorations, Accessories, & Miscellaneous

While it largely goes without saying that each household, adherent, or celebrant might have a different form of participating in the “Christmas Spirit”. Be it attending various religious gatherings or simply swapping presents with family and loved ones, there are bound to be a fair amount of rituals and/or practices that are solely unique to each and their own, however, there are an inherent number of similarities as well; especially when it comes to showcasing their holiday exuberance!


Here are A few Items, Decorations, Accessories, and Add-Ons That Are Common To Store Around Christmas Time

Christmas Decoration(s)

These Christmas Decorations can include but are not necessarily limited to: 


    ~Holiday Wreaths~        ~Lawn Ornaments~        ~Christmas Lights~    

~Religious Banners~    ~Nativity Scenes~        ~Specialty Decorations~

Holiday Wreaths are typically hung on the front door of Christians and other celebrants of Christmas. While for the average person, a wreath usually just denotes that December 25th is rapidly approaching; however, for a believer and follower of the Christian faith, this actually signifies the sacrifice(s) of Jesus Christ.


Lawn Ornaments are as varied in depiction and representation as they are varied in size, shape, scale, and dimension. These are typically riddled with Christmas Lights that transition in not only color and hue but also in the brightness, consistency, and often feature a wealth of “strobing” effects. What’s more, Lawn Ornaments have advanced to the point where they frequently require their own power/electrical supply or generator to accommodate the assorted attachments and accessories that are commonplace with Lawn Ornaments. (air pumps, relay switches, power strips, mounts, stands, etc)


Christmas Lights are by far the most common and highly-used decoration that is featured during the Christmas Holidays each year; especially here on the West Coast. (Did you know that powering Christmas Lights here in Central California can range from $20-$500 each month depending on what assortment and type of Christmas Lights you are putting on display?) Whether it’s one or two strands of a simple green and red alternating pattern or an elaborate light show that showcases a dizzying display of incandescent illumination, you can rest assured that Christmas Lights are visible every year.


Religious Banners are usually displayed and hung on the inside (usually out of respect for non-followers/believers/adherents) of a Christian’s home in remembrance of religious milestones, inspirational moments, crucial turning points, and otherwise noteworthy occurrences throughout Christianity’s vaunted history. These can range from still-life artwork, sacred renderings, large scale hymns, and devotional depictions. 


Nativity Scenes are the famous or oft-shown scene where it displays a birthing representation of an infant Jesus Christ of Nazareth cradled in a manger, various animals, such as lambs, sheep, camels, donkeys, and cows, as well as The Virgin Mary and her husband, Joseph. By and large, Nativity Scenes the varying in size, detail, complexity and overall “presence” is often dependant on the owner’s level of faith or commitment to the Christian religion.


Specialty Decorations are basically summarized/summed up by their very own namesake - they can feature entire miniature houses and communities, adorned with relative-sized lights and decorations, or just some personalized artwork, sculptures, and castings that a celebrant is fond of displaying. Many families and communities make it an annual tradition to add to their Specialty Decorations each year, thus symbolizing renewal and progression throughout the Holidays.

With all these Christmas Decorations and Holiday Manifestations, how is it best to go about managing the organization, disbursement, and storage of these treasures?

Organization is the key.  There’s nothing more frustrating than having to sort out your decorations before you can even begin the enjoyment of actually decorating.  Sound familiar; “what box is the tree topper in?” or “where are the extra bulbs for the strands of lights?” Properly packing and labeling your items will save you time and aggravation next season!


In addition to packing and labeling, retrieval without having to tear apart your garage or spare bedroom is key to keeping the spirit of the season light and happy.  Taking advantage of storing your precious decorations in a self-storage unit at a local self-storage facility is a great option.


Be sure to read our next installment to learn why storing in a local storage unit is probably your best bet when storing Holiday Decorations (Christmas in particular!).  And please take note -  we view the continuation of how Halloween Decorations and Celebration vary from person to community and how incorporating a customized storage plan is a worthwhile pursuit!

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