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Storing Smarter, Not Harder in 2019 Part 2

April 12, 2019

Learn the Layout

A very advantageous, but often overlooked, aspect that many our first-time storage clients should take advantage of is becoming better acquainted with the storage facility prior to the day of the actual move. By reviewing the facilities’ map and general layout before you begin your move-in, you gain a distinct advantage on what items should be moved at what intervals and are also better able to avoid any areas where larger items may prove troublesome.

Here are some key things to factor in when you’re familiarizing yourself with the lay of the land:

  1. Is your unit’s placement versus the loading/unloading area going to be easy to navigate?
    1. Ideally, your unit will be conveniently, if not centrally, located in order to expedite your packing/storing project.
  2. Does the desired path circumvent tight corners and 90° turns?

Walking the corridors of the storage facility allows you, the customer, a great opportunity to plan a favorable route you’ll take when moving your belongings to and from the storage unit; this is especially helpful when maneuvering large, cumbersome items, such as furniture or appliances.

  1. Is there available parking for more than one vehicle involved in the move?

As the saying goes “Many hands make for light work” and many storage customers adopt that approach towards moving their possessions in and out of their storage units. Ensuring all parties that are involved with “The Move” have strategic, spacious parking available can spell the difference between hours of painstaking, arduous moving and often mere minutes of quick & efficient loading, unloading, and organization!

  1. Are there moving amenities available on-site, such as hand-trucks and carts, or will they need to be brought along or rented?

Assuming you’ve rented a storage unit that can harbor your possessions securely and is readily accessible, the final and often discouraging task of actually moving your belongings to and from the unit is a task that is best approached methodically and safely. For instance, many storage facilities house dollies and hand trucks to assist with moving and storing items throughout the facility so it’s best to verify what is available ahead of time.

“Take advantage of the map - learn the local area around the facility and inside the compound as well!”

Don't overexert or overextend!

We care about our clients - we want them to be safe and healthy when storing their possessions in our facility. As such, we strongly encourage and promote safety-oriented moving and storing practices that are proven to improve the experience overall for storage customers worldwide!

Furthermore, it’s an unfortunate fact that many of us get in over our heads or “bite off more than we can chew” and this is especially prevalent when it comes to moving/packing a storage unit. With that in mind, there are a wealth of local as well as national companies and outfits that are solely dedicated to moving people and their possessions quickly, efficiently, and above all else: safely!

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