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Storing Smarter, Not Harder in 2019 Part 1

April 5, 2019


Make the Most of Your Moving Day!

In adopting the age-old adage of working smarter, not harder, and applying this to a helpful Storage & Moving Guide, we are aiming to promote safe and effective storage practices for our valued customers here in Morgan Hill, California who are seeking to pack, move, and ultimately store their belongings at our storage facility.


Tricks of The Trade

Here are some helpful tidbits that we’ve learned throughout our years in the self-storage industry. We greatly appreciate all of our storage customers and we encourage them to use these tips-and-tricks to ensure their moving & storing experience here at Cochrane Road Self Storage is not only affordable and hassle-free, but invariably safe as well!


Planning Ahead

As with any moving endeavor, getting an early start to your day and planning ahead is essential. From the organization of your valuables and possessions to the arrangement of moving and transportation, the necessity for preventative measures is as storied as our sprawling storage facility here at Cochrane Road Self Storage

  • Plan Your Route
    • Becoming acquainted with the local area and transit options further ensure that you are prepared for whatever obstacles might present themselves during your move.
  • Pack to Pack
    • Having an arsenal of moving supplies and products can often spell the difference between a miserable moving experience and one that is quick and painless.

Tape                     Zip Ties                Moving List

Tarps                    Ropes                   Gloves

Straps                   Box Cutter            Moving Blankets  


  • Scheduling 101
    • Nothing can halt the lines of production, or in this case, halt your enterprise of moving and storing, quite like an unforeseen hiccup on the “Big Day”.
    • Coordinating the move-in and move-out times with all parties* involved is something that is very, very important. This allows for seamless communication and if needed, flexibility, in order to accommodate, adapt and overcome any potential pitfalls.
    • Be sure to factor in driving/commute times as well as the hours of operation for the storage unit facility office if you need on-site assistance from the available staff.

(*Parties involved typically include helpers, movers and/or moving companies, realtors/agents, storage facility staff & management.)


Healthy Habits Help Hasten Hardships!

From a very early age, most everyone learned to appreciate the value and positive effect of enjoying a well-rounded, balanced meal before a major physical endeavor, such as packing, moving, organizing, and storing your varied possessions. Balancing a meal, such as breakfast or lunch, before a big move can be difficult and inconvenient, however, it’s importance cannot be understated. Furthermore, your planning and preparing should also extend to cover your body and diet as well as your schedule.

Here Are A Few Pointers

  • Consistent Hydration
    • As with any strenuous activity or physical exertion, such as moving and packing, replenishing your stores of water is not only recommended, it can actually be a major health concern if it’s taken lightly.
  • Food or Fasting?
    • A common fork-in-the-road that many of our customers are faced with is the choice of deciding when or even if to eat and if so, what should be consumed and how much of it? While this is a hotly debated topic in many fitness and health sectors, our experience tells us to literally follow your gut!
    • Here are a few quick but affordable snacks, treats and ideas to keep your energy levels optimal and your moving spirits high!
      • Picnic Style Lunch
        • Fresh Fruit
        • Sandwiches
        • Finger Foods (chips & crisps)
        • Spoonables (yogurts, parfaits, oatmeal, granola)
  • Physical Preparation
    • Stretching, flexing, and basically getting your blood flowing prior to exerting yourself to any degree as always advisable.
    • Even if you are not doing any of the actual lifting, packing, or moving, it’s still a great idea to “warm up” a bit; especially if you’re going to be up and about, orchestrating the placement and organization of your storage unit.
    • If you would like additional information on stretching methods and preventative techniques to keep you and your moving helpers safe and healthy during your moving, feel free to learn more here.
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