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Storing Collectibles

November 22, 2019

Don't touch them...Don't breathe on them…Don't even LOOK at them!!


Here at Cochrane Road Self Storage, we understand some people enjoy the finer things. When it comes to rare collectibles and property, you want to keep your cherished belongings in excellent condition. Not just to have them looking their best when bragging to friends, family, and other collectors, but also because a certain sense of pride and reward is to be seized when hard work and effort has been paid.


Obviously collecting is half the battle, but the other half lies in maintaining your asset's value, quality and of course, keeping them out of harm's way. Some collections have the capacity to really absorb a tremendous amount of space in your home. The larger your collection grows, the more difficult it becomes to maintain and protect your pieces from the elements and other potential damages.


There is a point where every collector asks themselves, “Is there a better place to organize my collection?”


The answer is YES. There is a place to keep your valuables safe from children accidentally breaking them, pet’s knocking them over and a better way to keep them organized for years of enjoyment to come.


Storage Facilities offer a large array of storage space ranging from large to small and even temperature controlled. This allows you to effectively shop from a plethora of unit options and ensure that your unit fits all of your required needs.


Ok, so they have a unit I can place my collection in ...but how else am I supposed to feel good about just leaving my collection somewhere without me there to protect it?


Great Question! Storage facilities are very aware and understanding of us being overprotective of our cherished belongings. This is why most storage facilities are gated, usually requiring key code entry to access the property, in addition to individual unit alarms, locks and other security measures in place.


And they don’t stop there!


A good majority of these storage facilities even have night/day security cameras and some even staff overnight security guards or onsite management.  It is reassuring to know that even when you are not physically with your collection of valuable treasures, that there is someone there watching over them for you! Making sure that no harm comes while they are out of your hands. This is especially nice for those who travel to acquire new pieces for their collection, where otherwise it would be left in their home unattended and left to risk of flood, theft or fire when no one is home.


Some storage facilities even offer stored property insurance!


While yes, they understand that insurance won't replace memories or the love you have for your belongings or collections, it can be a major relief to replace items lost due to theft or a hazard such as a fire or flood. It will also help to repair damages that come to items within your storage unit when properly insured.


All of these services, and more, are offered to storage facility customers to provide peace of mind that their belongings are being cared for and kept safe.

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