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Storage During Extended travel for Business

November 15, 2019

Often times we are asked to temporarily relocate for work or to bounce back and forth from state-to-state to manage multiple business accounts and/or locations. This is usually an amazing offer for many reasons such as, getting to travel and see new places, these arrangements often come with great pay raises or bonuses, and we get to meet new, hard-working people that work within our company at our other locations.


With this great opportunity comes some decisions. If you will be traveling or away from your primary residence for an extended period of time, you may want to consider renting out your residence which means that you’ll want to move some of your valuables and sentimental items so they don’t get damaged or come up missing.


Self-storage units provide a great option for this. When selecting a storage facility, you’ll want to take into consideration the location, security and convenience, and of course whether you’ll need climate controlled or air-cooled storage units.


Most storage facilities not only have units that are equipped with individual alarms, but they are typically gated and require an access code that is specific to you and your unit to access the facility. This narrows down the number of individuals on property at any given time and tracks who comes and goes from the storage facility. Most also have security cameras that are monitored from the front office and some facilities even have on-site managers that live on premise and are open 7 days a week for convenience.


Not only do you have the benefit of relying on all of these physical fail-safes, but you also have the ability at most storage facilities to acquire unit rental insurance. This covers your stored property in the event of a fire, flood, or other loss.


Choosing a storage facility nearby gives you a convenient and affordable place for your belongings so you can travel and continue working with complete peace of mind and rest assured that all of your items are safe and sound.


Now that you have a game plan for securely storing your valuables, now comes the daunting task of choosing what to store, what to part with, and of course packing and moving your stuff. For more tips and advice on this please visit our press page where there are many articles with tips on storage, how to properly pack up your items, how to organize your unit, and much more! And if you're not sure what size unit you'll need, you can use our storage calculator to take the guess work out of choosing the perfect size for your items. This ensures that you don't rent a unit that may be too big or small.


So take advantage of that new work or travel opportunity and make the most of it with the safety and conveniencde of a personal storage unit!

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