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Simple Living Shouldn't Mean Crowded Living

August 30, 2019

It is common amongst people who either don't have children or have grown children no longer living at home to decide to “live below their means” and opt to rent a studio or small apartment as their residence because they simply just don't need that much space. 




Less cleaning/maintenance


Not responsible for repairs to unit/unit amenities


Typically, this is a great move in the aspect of being frugal! There is so much included in your rent ranging from utilities to amenities like pools and fitness centers. You still get to have the privacy of your own home at less expense and responsibility to you. However, just like everything else, there are disadvantages to a small apartment or studio living. 


The main disadvantage of a modest home being….SPACE


Which brings us to:





Yes, this is the main purpose is downsizing and cutting down on utilities, cleaning, and maintenance, but sometimes we do this too well and find ourselves donating or selling off our hard-earned belongings because we simply just have NOWHERE to put our stuff. It's common for an apartment to come with a small patio closet and of course, you have your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but what about your holiday decorations and your summer or winter gear? Just because you want to downsize your home and save money doesn't mean you shouldn't get to enjoy things outside of your residence.


Wanna know the secret to living big but also living small at the same time? Two words….STORAGE...UNIT.


Take advantage of your local storage facility


They are there to hold onto and safeguard your personal belongings that you don't have space for!


Why should I trust the storage facility to keep my stuff safe?


They have client-specific locks that ONLY YOU have a key to

Private units that you are the sole person with access to

Differently sized units to properly and safely store your belongings

✓ Gated perimeters with key code entry

✓ Security cameras and alarms


Think of it as having a disconnected garage. It's private to you and whoever else has a key that you personally provide to them at your discretion. You choose the size of the unit that best suits your lifestyle and the items you wish to store.


What would I put in my storage unit if I had one?


Anything!!!....well almost anything.



Camping gear like tents/sleeping bags/coolers

Winter items like clothing/skis/sleds

Summer fun items such as sports equipment/ice chests/portable a/c units

Holiday decorations

Additional furniture




Heat sensitive items

Cold sensitive items


Highly value items such as jewelry

Perishable items


Aside from a select few items, you can store virtually anything in your unit to increase the space and comfortability of your studio or small apartment home! Get back to living the way you want at the price you want!



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