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Proper Packing Practices

April 26, 2019

With the change of the season from winter to spring already upon us here in sunny California, we want your experience with our local storage facility to be an easy and pleasant one, which means preparing and planning!


With the average population projected to easily increase to upwards of 40 million (the last statewide consensus was in 2010, with the population peaking in the low ‘37 millions’), having a plan of action in place to ensure your storage unit is easily maneuverable and organized is not only recommended; it can prove essential!


We’ve all heard the age-old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that same logic and foresight can and should be applied to how you approach storing your essentials this year. For instance, if you are like many of our local customers here in Morgan Hill, California that choose to take full advantage of our spacious storage units and centrally-located facility year-round, then it might be advisable to organize and store your belongings according to the season, general preference, and/or overall necessity - with a few helpful tips of course!


When Packing by The Season

Typically, when a local resident chooses to store with us, they have a wide-array of possessions, knick-knacks, decorations, memorabilia, and general items that, while all are important, do not have the same vital, day-to-day necessity as the belongings they keep in their home(s). This often translates into frequent visits to the storage facility to swap items, re-organize, or to just generally consolidate their collection. To expedite those inevitable storage facility visits and subsequent ‘item swaps’ that are usually the motivating factor behind the initial visit in the first place, we’ve compiled an efficient and easily-maintained system of organization that promotes prompt yet rewarding storing experience(s) year-round!

Here are a few ideas and tricks we’ve learned and pioneered in our decades in the self-storage industry:

            Itemized Checklist | Packing Essentials | Paperwork | Lock & Keys!


Seasonal Rotation Basics

Taking into account that all of our units feature the same general layout, with the depths, sizes, and dimensions being the only real variables with the storage units at our facility, it is actually refreshingly easy to organize your seasonal items to complement these convenient layouts!


Step 1. - Preventative Preparation


Organize your belongings, by season or usage frequency, as best as you can prior to arriving at the facility. This allows you to have a clearer vision of where each grouping of items will be stored and for how long. (It also allows you to simultaneously get some “spring cleaning or decluttering” in!)


Step 2. - Plan of Action


Once you have a general idea established as to what items are worthy of retention and what items are best sent to greener pastures, storing them according to importance & prevalence is the next order of business. (This also applies to temporarily storing your belongings during the commute to the storage facility as well as upon arrival to the actual storage unit.)


Step 3. – Storing For The Future

Upon arriving at the storage facility with your cherished belongings in tow, it’s best to double-check that all pertinent paperwork is in order and that your itemized checklist is at the ready, to ensure a successful packing & storing endeavor! (Once you begin (re)packing and storing on-site at the storage facility, it’s generally advisable to get as much done in a timely manner as possible to prevent disorganization and unnecessary delays with the overall move.)


Your Unit’s Four Corners Can Now House Your Four Seasons!


It is recommended to store each season’s contents in its corresponding corner by taking advantage of the conveniently constructed/placed 90-degree angles that appear where each section of wall meets. By utilizing the 4 corners of the unit as a staging area for your belongings, you maintain unhindered visibility of how the storing process is progressing while also having a clear, open space in the unit’s center, thus allowing for easier navigation and organization.


Regardless of the size or scale of the unit, these same principles can be applied to how you begin organizing and later maintaining the seasonal items in your personal storage unit. We hope these tips have been helpful and as always, we’re here to help with moving carts available to make the move-in process a breeze.


Happy Storing!

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