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Pre-Project Storage Advice Part 3

May 31, 2019

Organizing any project, regardless of its purpose, size, or complexity, can be a painstaking task; especially if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs or intricacies that are often involved with said ventures. While this particular necessity is definitely applicable across many platforms, industries, endeavors, and undertakings, it is notably vital when one is engaged in a home improvement project, such as a bathroom renovation or an extensive kitchen remodel. Having said that, there are few tidbits and tricks of the trade that we’ve garnered over the years that we are excited to impart to you regarding storage units, remodeling/renovation endeavors, and how they could and more importantly, should be related to one another. We’ve already covered a few of the many items and essentials that are commonly associated with a local renovation or remodeling project here in Morgan Hill, California so it is only natural that we are going to focus on exactly how to store the aforementioned home improvement particulars.


How To Take Advantage Of A Local Storage Unit & Storage Facility!

Depending on the stage or what amount of progress has been made on the remodeling or renovation project will largely dictate exactly what is stored, further influencing exactly how its stored as well. For instance, if your home improvement endeavor is in the latter part of its construction phases or nearing its overall completion, chances are using a local storage unit or storage facility is going to be geared more towards storing excess materials, tools, and equipment. Conversely, if the remodeling project is in its infancy or early stages, storing the abundance of materials or even the upgraded appliances (more on that later) might be best. Regardless of the stage in construction or the progress that has been thus far made, we are going to list out the 3 main phases of construction that are commonplace when updating/modernizing a property.


Pre-Project Storage

Granted this is the particular stage or juncture where most of the planning and organization is strategized, it can also be an ideal time to incorporate the opportunities that a local storage facility’s storage units offer during your home improvement project’s entirety; not just the early or final stages.


Example Of Storing Your Remodeling Essentials Pre-Project:

Picture a heap of building supplies and flooring material in complete disarray at the start of your home’s remodeling/renovation project; from the stacks of tile that’s sure to make the kitchen absolutely stunning to the custom cabinetry that is sure to make in-home storage woes a thing of the past.

Now picture all that clutter and chaos all neatly organized in order of importance, when it’s needed/will be implemented, and by overall convenience and viability. That’s what we hope to impart to you: the wisdom, wherewithal, and well-preparedness to ensure that your next home improvement project (whether it’s remodeling your home’s amenities or converting an old bedroom into a home office or exercise studio) progresses smoothly and efficiently with minimal setbacks.


Identify and Isolate Items From Large & Cumbersome To Small & Manageable

Typically a remodeling or renovation project for a local California residence will involve modernizing flooring, updating & upgrading appliances, and likely affecting repairs to certain key elements; such as revitalizing the interior walls with new paint and/or drywall as well as installing new trim work and room thresholds.

  • The larger items and appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters, dryers, washers, and ground-based air conditioning units, are often best stored first into a storage unit and installed/incorporated last as opposed to the other way around because they are bulkier and undeniably more difficult to maneuver or relocate.
  • Additionally, they are often a featured part of the final "button up" stage during a home improvement project. Once the groundwork of construction has been completed and the "detail work" is in full swing, there’s a reduced concern for the appliances becoming damaged or marred during the building stages of the renovation.
  • When storing any/all medium-sized items, such as the tools, instruments, and equipment that will be used during the home improvement project, it’s recommended to house them based upon how often they will be needed and at what stage during the project.
  • Framing hammers, hand tools, and toolbelts should be stored within easy reach/access due to their frequency of usage, however, a jackhammer or pressure washer sees rather limited use overall so it should be stored accordingly.

Be sure to continue reading next week’s storage blog because it will feature, rather extensively, the tricks and tips we’ve gathered through years of various storing and organizational techniques that are best implemented while the remodeling or renovation project is underway.

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