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Painting Your Home or Office

September 6, 2019

Make a trip and don't worry about a drip!


What is a common practice most people use to upgrade their home or office?


A typical thing we turn to when trying to upgrade our home or office is painting. Changing things up and enhancing the atmosphere with careful color selection really does a lot for a room.


What do we all fear the most when it comes to painting our home or office?




It’s no secret that painting is a daunting task that we all procrastinate and we worry over how our belongings are going to make it out of the whole process. No matter how much we tape, cover, scoot stuff aside or move things to another room, it seems like paint always gets on SOMETHING. Even if the paint doesn't get on your furniture, decor or other valued possessions, the biggest fear of what the paint will ruin is our FLOORS.


What we typically do is try coordinating what stuff will go where in correspondence to which room we are painting on which day, or we just simply throw a tarp cover over it and wish it the best of luck.


You may also be thinking…But I don't do the painting myself, I use professional painters.


That's great! Using professionals ensures that you get even coats, clean lines, and efficient work! However, you are still stuck with relocating your belongings to allow the painters to access the walls and make room to bring in their painting materials and machinery. Not to mention, they will need the floor to be clear for them to lay down protective tarps to protect your carpets and flooring.


There is, however, an easier way to avoid the messes and stresses of painting…


Two words: STORAGE. UNIT.


How in the world is a storage unit going to help me paint my house?




By implementing another step in your house painting endeavors, you avoid much of the hassle in the preparation process!


In order to prepare your home or office for painting, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, you would still require the space to do so in addition to avoiding the destruction of your furniture, etc. 


Instead of moving the furniture from room to room, why not move it to a storage unit since you’re going to be relocating it anyway? 


Doing so allows you to have more free space throughout the entire painting process. Skip dragging out your painting plans by moving all of your furniture to a storage unit instead of repeatedly moving it from one room to another in an attempt to protect your belongings and increase the capacity of the area for painting.


Thus enabling you the ability to paint the entire house or office in one day and granting the walls ample time to dry while completely avoiding the dripping or splattering of paint on any of your belongings!




✓ More safe for your personal belongings

✓ Easier on you in the sense of repeatedly moving and stacking furniture

✓ More time efficient_Get the whole job done at once!

✓ Less complicated! 



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