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Military Storage

September 20, 2019

Estimates indicate that active military families can expect to relocate every two years!

That’s a lot of moving, compared to the average American who might move once every five years! Being in the Self-Storage industry, we understand the stress that comes with moving, particularly with those facing deployment.  Moving, and the subsequent need for storage, is a part of life for more than 2.7 million American servicemen and women.


So, when being deployed, what do military families do with all of their stuff? We’ve provided answers to these questions and included other factors to consider in this straightforward military storage guide.

Whether you plan to store just a few personal items, a vehicle, motorcycle, or an entire household, renting a storage unit can make for an easy transition. You’re not alone! Military members and families rent an estimated 95% of storage units near U.S. military bases.


The first step is finding a convenient storage facility near you.  There are some considerations to factor in when selecting a storage facility and unit, including payment options, length of stay needed for your long-term storage needs, safety of the location, and easy access, just to name a few.  

Military Storage Tips


An important consideration when selecting a storage unit is to think about whether you will be returning to the current base you’re leaving, or if you know ahead of time where you’ll be stationed upon your return, consider choosing a storage facility near the new base.  Storing your possessions closer to your return destination makes moving out of your unit more convenient when the time comes.


Size Matters

Don’t overpay by selecting a unit larger than you actually need.  Our self storage managers can help you determine the correct size needed to safely store your belongings.  We also have a convenient storage calculator to help you in this effort.  Some common unit sizes include:

  • 5x10; this is about the size of a walk-in closet for storing odds and ends
  • 10×15; large enough to store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment
  • 10×20; can store the furnishings from a two or three-bedroom home
  • 10×30; can store up to a four to five-bedroom home with major appliances




If you will be on an extended deployment, you may want to consider whether you need climate controlled storage or not.  Depending on what you will be storing, humidity, sunlight and fluctuating temperatures can have an impact on your possessions.



What to Store

  • Vehicles; storing is an excellent option to protect from the elements
  • Electronics & Appliances; these are often cumbersome and are expensive to replace, so storing them protects them from damage
  • Furniture; We recommend plastic wrapping upholstered furniture and making sure heavy items are not stacked on top our your furniture which can cause damage
  • Household items; it’s important to understand what is safe and not safe to store in a unit.  For tips on storage safety read our post on ‘what not to store’


Facility Features

For piece of mind, it’s important to make sure that the storage facility you select has security features to protect your items.  Common features should include:

            Security Cameras

            Video Surveillance

            Perimeter fencing

            Personalized gate access


We hope this guide has been helpful and suggest that for more advice and specific questions, you contact us directly.  Our knowledgeable and friendly management staff is here to help make your storing experience an easy and pleasant one.

At Cochrane Road Self Storage, we sincerely appreciate your dedication and service to our great nation.  As a special thank you, we offer discounts for the military throughout the year.  We invite you to contact us today!

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