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How To Store Those Particulars After You Have Completed Your Home Improvement Project Part 6

June 21, 2019

Convenience & Usage  Frequency Versus Spatial Allotment & Management


One of the most challenging aspects of storing, stocking, and/or stashing your remodeling & renovation extras & essentials is deciding exactly what is stored, how it is stored, and ultimately why it is stored that way. Weighing the convenience of easy access and an “in and out” type of interaction with your storage unit versus maximizing the actual space available in the unit at the chosen storage facility is an ongoing, hotly-contested endeavor that we are all too familiar with. However, in many thanks to our decades of providing reliable storage stips, storage tricks, and yes, storage units to our local storage clients here in Morgan Hill, California has granted us the opportunity to innovate, perfect, and often pioneer several methods to make storing your tools, equipment, and extra materials (post home remodeling and/or renovation project) an absolute breeze in comparison to past experiences!


Here is a three-part system that we recommend following in order to ensure your storing experience (post-project) is as rewarding and fulfilling as possible when you decide to store your remodeling particulars at a local storage facility.


  1. Identifying Where To Store

Considering the standard mid-to-large sized city in Central California boasts more units than Starbucks and McDonald’s locations combined, the storage unit options available at local storage facilities for most California residents is definitely favorable! This often translates into there being several storage facilities that are able to accommodate most storage needs and requirements within an easy, drivable commute. Which brings us to the next step in making the most of your storing experience after your home improvement project has reached its conclusion.


      2.)  Planning Your Storage Unit Visit(s) and Optimizing Your Time Spent There

Now that you’ve decided on which storage unit at what particular storage facility is best suited to accommodate your storage needs, post-remodeling/renovation, it is now time to establish a favorable time to visit the storage unit/facility and begin organizing any tools, equipment, and excess materials that are a result of your remodeling project. Please note that most storage facilities grant “after hours” or extended hours (usually through a customer-specific gate code, key-fob, or user-access key) to access the storage units on-site for the convenience of their lease-holders so we recommend using that to your advantage when planning your visit. Avoiding dense traffic and the stress of dealing with the local “rush hour” will only serve better the time spent storing your renovation extras.


3.) Proper Storage And Foresight Go Hand-In-Hand

In comparison to deciding what storage facility to rent a storage unit from and choosing a preferred time to visit that storage unit/facility and store your home improvement particulars, actually storing those self same items in an efficient and organized manner can much more arduous and difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the process. Whether you’re renting a small unit, meant to house a minimal amount of tools/equipment or extra building supplies or if you’ve opted for a larger, more robust unit to safely store and organize an arsenal of remodeling specifics, the fundamental and sound practices of storing proactively and properly are, for the most part, much the same; regardless of storage unit size or what exactly is being stored.


As with most things, there are both Pros and Cons to storing, but when it comes to home renovation and remodel projects, there are usually a lot of excess supplies and new equipment purchased to complete the project.  The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to keeping these organized for future use. We’ve listed a few Pros and Cons below for reference, but if you’d like to discuss your options in more detail, don’t hesitate to give us a call or check out our units online.


Pros & Cons Of Utilizing Self-Storage During A Renovation Project



Reliable storage, convenient location, temperature/climate controlled, spatial accommodations, no long term requirements, reuse/repurpose the unit later, keeps things organized, added security!



Added cost, commute/driving to and from your storage facility to access your unit, storage restrictions, access hours, unless you choose a storage facility with extended access hours.

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