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How to Keep Your Car Clean of COVID-19

April 30, 2020

It has become essential to take all necessary steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by keeping surroundings clean. Vehicle cleanliness is so important at this time to avoid your vehicle harboring dirt and bacteria.

Wash your hands often

When it comes to vehicles, washing your hands thoroughly is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. According to the CDC, the spread of the coronavirus is caused by small droplets from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. Proper cleaning and sanitizing are strongly encouraged because the virus can exist on common surfaces up to 48 hours.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds after coughing or sneezing, before or after eating, using the restroom, and before or after leaving your home.

Use the right products

Although, bleach and hydrogen peroxide are chemicals that can help sanitize inside your home or other surfaces, it is not recommended to use these chemicals on your vehicle’s interior. Both chemicals can cause damage to the material used inside most vehicles today. Kelley Blue Book advises not to use any ammonia-based cleaning products, as the “Blue Glass Cleaner” breaks down the material on your dashboard causing it to become sticky when exposed to the sun. It is best to use disinfectant wipes to clean your vehicle’s interior.

If you do not have access to vehicle interior safe disinfectants, a good thorough scrubbing with soap and water can help rid surfaces of viruses and other germs.

Focus on high-touch surfaces

There are several surfaces in your car you usually touch more frequently than others like the steering wheel, gear shifter, door handles, arm rests, touch screens, conditioner vents, cup holders, radio knobs, buttons, and seat belts. Don’t forget to clean your dashboard as well.  

The experts at Edmunds say maintaining cleanliness in your car is a small act that can go a long way toward the greater good. If you are going to take trips outside, do everything you can to slow or prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. Disinfecting your steering wheel over and over again might seem tedious and unnecessary, but it is likely to save lives.

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