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Decluttering for the Spring

May 4, 2019

Spring time, is declutter time for many of us, so we’ve compiled a few helpful tidbits to make deciding what’s sensible and what’s dispensable a breeze.


Step One: Planning & Packing

Any endeavor to tackle a necessary evil, such as decluttering and repacking your storage unit to consolidating all those extra knick knacks and trinkets you just couldn’t resist at that estate sale, is best approached with a plan in mind. That all begins with actually deciding that you are indeed ready to start decluttering and minimizing some, if not all, of the ‘stuff’ that you’ve managed to accumulate since your last possessional purge! There’s an art form in choosing what to trash and what to cache if you’re unfamiliar with the process which is why it’s so essential to plan out ahead of time what can be donated/recycled and what you absolutely cannot part with.




Step Two: Divide & Conquer

Now that you’ve made that first, crucial step towards decluttering those discardables and marshaling your must-haves, the next step is dividing the items and possessions in question into 3 parts. This will help not only with the organization and overview of your whole cleaning crusade, but it will also provide you with real-time, tangible evidence of progress, and a wondrous sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. Here’s how we recommend dividing your belongings to ensure that your decluttering ends in a delightful decision as opposed to a dreadful debacle!


Section/Pile 1.)          Section/Pile 2.)          Section Pile 3.)

Items to Keep              Items to Discard          Unsure/Undecided


Section/Pile 1.)

Items, keepsakes, and valuables that are being retained:

These are the possessions that are always held most dear to you with an attachment that is deep-rooted and steeped in memory, or it is absolutely instrumental that they are kept safe & secure. Typically, these items include but are definitely not limited to jewelry, photos & albums, wedding dresses, legal documents, heirlooms, and legacies.


Section/Pile 2.)

That which is being discarded:

While it goes without emphasis, each person is unique in the fact that their storage needs drastically vary from one person to the next, however, there are some very common belongings that most locals here in California have that are surefire candidates and certainly worthy for donation and/or recycling. Old clothing & shoes, books, toys & trinkets, unfinished DIY projects, stale or old spices, mattresses/box springs, and dishes or Tupperware.


Section/Pile 3.)

The miscellaneous memorabilia & mixed-decisions:

This last and final section or “pile” is usually comprised of those odds and ends that fell somewhere in between “Oh, I’ve been looking for those!” and “Oh, I can’t believe I still have those!”. Often these belongings can be a mixture of Pile 1 & Pile 2 leftovers, with smatterings of outdated/obsolete documents and those bell-bottoms jeans from 1978 that were, in no uncertain terms destined to make a comeback but unfortunately never did, as well as other random acquisitions such as artwork, paintings, workout equipment, tools, and decorations.


Step 3: Commence With The Plan

With the harder, more arduous part of deciding which worldly possessions to keep and which to discard conquered, now comes the unenviable task of relocating the keepsakes and properly disposing of the undesirables. While this act of liquidation can seem daunting and discouraging to most, the sense of freedom, liberation, and yes, actual space gained from decluttering your life’s accumulative inventory is something that should not be discounted, diminished, or denied!


Step 4: Embrace Your New Space!

As with any plan that was well-thought out and equally well-executed, reaping the rewards and benefits often makes the trials, tribulations, and general turmoil associated with decluttering and re-organizing your belongings more than worth the time and effort spent. Not only were you able to affect some “Spring Cleaning” (the time of year, season, or month notwithstanding!) but you were also able to gain a clearer understanding of your possessions and belongings as a whole; which will enable future decluttering and consolidating all the more easier!

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