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Carpet Cleaning and Decluttering

October 18, 2019

Carpet Cleaning and Decluttering


If you've ever had your floors professionally cleaned, then you know the hassle of trying to clear everything from the rooms of your home to allow the cleaning technicians to do their work. This always tends to boil down to one issue, you've taken everything from all of your rooms and tried to cram it all into one area and then you’re left with two choices. 


1) Do you leave all of your belongings where they are and opt-out of having the entire room cleaned, or 2) Do you hastily try to drag it all somewhere else so this area can be cleaned but also try to avoid ruining any of the rooms that have already been done?


You're probably remembering all of the extra struggles that came out of trying to clean your carpets, grout and hardwood floors last time, second-guessing if you want to try doing it again, and probably wondering...


Isn't there a better way to temporarily relocate my furniture and other belongings to clean my floors and declutter my space?


And you’ll be pleased to find out THERE IS!!


Trying to find places to tuck, hide and stack all of your furniture to occupy as little floor space as possible is not only time consuming and back-breaking, it's just downright frustrating. Instead, it would be easier and more efficient to be able to relocate your furniture temporarily to free up all of your floor space, avoid unsafe stacking or cramming and save time by not needing to configure everything in your house into a small room or corner that will have to go uncleaned.


Where on earth am I going to move all of my stuff while I get my floors cleaned? A safeguarded, reliable and easily accessible STORAGE UNIT!


Yup, Storage Units are the answer! They come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your personal needs. If you have a lot of large furniture in a two-story house, then a larger unit out of the way of regular facility traffic would be best suited for you! However; if you have an apartment requiring little furnishing, then there are many smaller units to fit your belongings and save you money rather than having you pay full price for a full-sized unit that you don't need! You can even use our convenient storage caluculator to select the size you need.


The process is EASY!


✓ Make your floor cleaning process easier by knowing your scheduled cleaning date and scheduling the use of a storage unit in correlation with your cleaning appointment. 


✓ Take your time moving your furniture from your home to the storage unit at your own pace over the course of hours, days or even weeks! 


✓ Allow the floor technicians to come to your home and perform their cleaning services and even give your floors time to dry and your home time to air out. 


✓ Then, once all is said and done with the cleaning services, simply begin to move your furniture back to your home at your own pace just as you started!

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