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Breathe New Life into Your Home or Office

January 9, 2020

Painting is such an exciting and straightforward way to breathe life into your home or office! Whether you decide to paint your guest bathroom or the entire interior or exterior of your home, just a simple color change can make such a difference in the ambiance of the room. Paint can be used to accent specific walls, particular decor, or even contrast against furniture. The flexibility of paint and color leaves endless possibilities for your home and office upgrades.


Paint can be used for: 


✓ Accenting Trim

✓ Covering patched holes

✓ Creating an accent wall

✓ Changing the vibe of a room

✓ Contrasting your art, decor, and furniture

✓ Covering dingy old paint and chipping

✓ Updating the exterior color of your home

✓ Enhancing the professionalism of an office

✓ Making your business more attention-grabbing

✓ Personalizing bedrooms


To paint your home or office, you are going to need to acquire a fair amount of supplies to ensure the efficiency and cleanliness of your project. We’ve created a checklist of items you might need:


Supplies Needed:


✓ Painters tape

✓ Drop Cloth

✓ Paint Trays

✓ Paint Rollers and Refills

✓ Ladder

✓ Small Brushes

✓ Tape Measure

✓ Stirring tool

✓ Screwdriver

✓ Hole Filler

✓ Screen

✓ Five-gallon bucket

✓ A sponge, dish soap and warm water

✓ Primer

✓ And of course, PAINT


Depending on the specific project, there may be additional supplies needed to create the space you’re looking for.


Storing paint and tools between projects

Purchasing the necessary supplies for your painting project is an investment, so you want to protect these items by properly cleaning and storing them after each use. Click here for tips from the pros on how to properly clean and store your supplies.





Next steps


Painting supplies can be bulky and hard to find a place where they seem to fit in your home or office, so storing them offsite is a great option.


Keeping your painting supplies and leftover paint in a climate-controlled storage unit allows you to keep the paint for touch-ups and painting tools in a safe place for later use. Not only does it keep clutter out of your home or office, but it also saves you money from needing to re-purchase paint or supplies at a later date when you decide to patch and re-paint holes and chips in the walls.


In addition to storing your supplies, storing any other liquid supplies like paint, primer or thinners should be kept in sealed plastic containers as an added measure of leak protection.

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