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May 17, 2019
Home improvement, remodeling, and renovation projects are usually very elaborate and extensive endeavors, so making the most out of the experience is something that every would-be “Tim The Toolman Taylor” could, and should, embrace!
May 13, 2019
A sneak-peek behind the curtains to see what policies at storage unit facilities are in effect, how they are enforced, why they are in place and what not to store in your unit.
May 4, 2019
Spring time, is declutter time for many of us, so we’ve compiled a few helpful tidbits to make deciding what’s sensible and what’s dispensable a breeze.
April 26, 2019
Organize your belongings, by season or usage frequency, as best as you can prior to arriving at the facility. This allows you to have a clearer vision of where each grouping of items wi
April 19, 2019
Packing and storing your dorm is often more cost effective; for students that live out of state, it’s usually less expensive to store the contents of your dorm over the summer than to pack and ship or make a cross country trek with your items.
April 12, 2019
Becoming acquainted with your storage facility before move-in day will make for a better moving experience and coordination with friends and family helping you move.
April 5, 2019
From the organization of your valuables and possessions to the arrangement of moving and transportation, the necessity for preventative measures is as storied as our sprawling storage facility here at Cochrane Road Self Storage
March 15, 2019
For clothing storage think cool, clean, dark and dry. This will prevent fading and spoiling over time and keeps everything in tip-top condition.
February 27, 2019
Storage units are perfect for those in need of temporary, short-term storage while moving, long-term storage when downsizing, traveling or during deployment and equipment storage for larger items such as landscaping tools and recreational items.
February 26, 2019
Searching for a storage facility that provides all ground level access, outdoor and indoor storage unit options that are air-cooled? Search no further than Cochrane Road Self Storage!
July 1, 2017
Cochrane Road Self Storage launches new promotion! 3 months for the price of 2! The special is for units 10' x 10' and smaller.
June 30, 2017
Thank you to all of our customers who voted us "Best of Morgan Hill" for 2017. We are honored and will continue to work hard to earn your business every day.
April 15, 2016
Cochrane Road Self Storage is growing with an additional 400 units coming on line in August!
December 8, 2006
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