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Take a deep breath in…and exhale...whew! You’ve made it through another holiday season. You can finally relax and take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday, the guests, and the welcomed chaos the season brings.


Now it’s time to settle into the new year and take back your home by taking down the decorations, putting furniture back in its place and getting organized. Although packing up the holiday isn’t as fun as putting up the decorations and such, it can be rewarding when everything is organized and stored safely until next year. 


Each holiday, we seem to gather more decorations and cheer then the year before which makes finding a place to put everything a bit of a challenge. Self storage is a great option for preserving your family heirlooms and cherished holiday decorations.


We’ve compiled a few tips for storing these items to make it easier for unpacking and setting up next year.




  • Used tissue paper and gift wrap make great padding for delicate ornaments

  • Egg cartons and partitioned boxes are great for storing ornaments

  • Tackle boxes or gift boxes such as shirts, shoes, etc. make great utility storage for smaller items such as ornament hangers, cords, ribbon, etc.






  • Store garland in clear plastic boxes and label to take the guess work out of which garland goes where for the next use

  • Wrap lights around empty wrapping paper tubes and secure the ends with tape

  • Store extra fuses and light bulbs in small zip-lock bags and stuff inside the wrapping paper tube; this allows quick access and keeps the bulbs and fuses coordinated with their proper light stands

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