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Self Storage Basics Overview

There are many instances when choosing to store some or all your possessions becomes a necessity, or you simply may just want some extra space. Whatever the reason for choosing self storage, moving (planned and unplanned), relocation, downsizing a business, home repairs and renovations, military deployment, leaving for college, long-term or short-term, storage units offer versatile use with many benefits for both personal self storage as well as for business or commercial storage.


Most facilities offer large and small units, so you will first need to assess all of the items you want to store, figure a rough calculation of what size you will require, then select a storage facility that offers the unit size that best suits your needs. Another item to consider is the length of time you will need the storage unit and confirming that the facility you select offers rental terms that fit what you're looking for. Some facilities offer incentives for long-term rentals so make sure to research all your options.


Another factor to consider is accessibility. Will you need to access your items regularly or will they be left in storage undisturbed for the length of your unit rental? These factors will affect where in the facility your unit is and the operating hours of the facility. Some storage facilities allow 24/7 access while others have more limited access hours.


In addition to selecting the best storage facility and unit to fit your storage needs, it is also a good idea to become familiar with the best practices for properly storing your belongings. When storing your own items for both short-term and long-term periods, you want to know that your belongings will not only be kept safe, but also stored properly to avoid property damage and unnecessary wear and tear. This involves the way that your items are packed, what supplies they are packed with, in which positions they are placed and organization. All of these are factors that will affect your storage unit experience.


The key to your success with a storage unit is doing a little research to select the right unit and facility, but also maximizing your unit space. We’ve assembled a list of topics to assist you with helpful tips and information to make your experience a good one. Throughout the help topics section, you’ll find a storage solution for almost every situation.

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